Water treatment of your water-carrying systems in times of the coronavirus pandemenic

In order to limit the number of personal contacts as much as possible, many relations ask us to postpone service visits. This is a logical question given the measures and regulations of governments all over the world.

On the other hand, in a number of companies water treatment contributes to the reliable and safe functioning of business processes. It is for this reason we ask you to make sure that postponing service visits does not cause any other potential difficulties.

Like yourself, we also have instructed our people in the hygiene measures to be observed. Of course we will also respect your additional measures.

That is why we would like to inform you that we remain committed to water treatment in the best possible way, while ensuring safety for you and your employees and to make sure your business processes are not harmed because your water treatment system will continue to function safely and with certainty.

If you have any questions or need advice, we ask you to contact your contact of Lubron. So we can realize a temporary suitable implementation of the service of you water treatment system together. Of course we appreciate it very much if you inform us of any changes to your policy. For our part, we will of course do likewise if necessary.

Lubron will be happy to assist you, taking into account the utmost to limit the spread of the Corona virus and to limit its consequences. We wish you well in this special period and hope that you and your colleagues won’t come into contact with the virus and its effects.

We trust to have informed you accordingly.