Cooling and boiler water
Water tailored for continuity
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Water tailored for continuity
Using optimal water is crucial for reliable functioning of cooling and boiler systems. The correct boiler water and cooling water maximises efficiency and increases equipment durability, hence reducing maintenance costs.
For further information about cooling and boiler water
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Comprehensive solutions

Optimum water treatment demands specialist knowledge. Based on in-depth water analysis, your energy and water consumption and an analysis of your system and operational management, Lubron will deliver a water treatment system matching your cooling water and boiler water needs, employing the best available techniques with the lowest possible operational costs. Such Best Available Technology can justifiably be called sustainable.

Operational safety and system durability

Due to evaporation, splashing and other losses in cooling and boiler systems, it is necessary to add water to the system (makeup water). During this process, limescale and dirt may enter the system, reducing durability, making maintenance costs unacceptable and reducing system efficiency. Treating the cooling or boiler water with the correct combination of water treatment equipment, sustainable additives, dosing and flushing systems creates optimum operational management with no stagnation. Lubron’s specialists are knowledgeable about relevant laws and regulations and are familiar with virtually all guidelines, thus ensuring that you are operating within system requirements.

Maximum efficiency

In all open evaporative cooling systems, evaporative condensers, liquid cooling units, direct or indirect adiabatic or hybrid cooling systems, central heating, hot water or steam boiler systems, a range of complex factors may cause microbiological contamination, corrosion, sediment and limescale formation. This contamination leads to reductions in the heat transfer and possibly even to production losses. By correctly treating the cooling or boiler water, Lubron minimises these effects, resulting in maximum efficiency. During their frequent inspections, Lubron’s experts inspect the whole system, carrying out water analysis and maintenance. Together with the operator’s measurements, this support is essential to achieving optimum efficiency.

Capex and Opex

Operational costs can be reduced by taking a practical approach to the various options for the system as a whole and the design of the water treatment system. This is why we focus on the best available techniques for your system to ensure an optimum balance between investment and operational costs, hence creating a sustainable water treatment system with minimum use of energy and water.

Legionella control

Aerosols are formed in evaporative cold water systems, creating a risk of infection by Legionella. Current laws and regulations stipulate that adequate measures should be taken to control this risk. Correct water treatment plays an important role in this. Our experts have considerable experience in risk control. They provide a comprehensive solution, complying with the current laws and regulations: optimum design, the requisite support and maintenance, in terms of water treatment, mechanical and hygienic maintenance.

Proven techniques

Water purification

For water softening, filtering and membrane techniques; the correct pre-treatment of cooling or boiler water enables maximum OPEX savings.

Dosing and flushing equipment

Correct monitoring creates an optimum management system for water treatment processes. This delivers significant savings for the system and for water consumption.

Anti-scaling agents and corrosion inhibitors

Corrosion and deposit formation can be prevented by use of green agents for anti-scaling and corrosion prevention such as corrosion inhibitors, hardness stabilisers, anti-foaming agents, and products for cleaning and passivation.

Microbiological control

Lubron can provide a wide range of disinfection systems and additives for microbiological control and Legionella prevention, including dispersants, biocides and advanced oxidation technology.

Our services for cooling and boiler water

Advice and support

As a partner of many installers, suppliers and consultants Lubron provides customised industrial water treatment solutions for various industries, including food and beverage, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, glazing and construction. Lubron considers the quality requirements for the final product and its specific application tailoring our advice and consultancy to create a unique solution.

Design and assembly

When designing a process water system, Lubron takes into account all aspects of end-use such as

  • quality requirements
  • applicable laws and regulations
  • energy efficiency
  • maintenance
  • operating costs

Every installation is professionally designed and manufactured to Lubron’s leading European standards.

Commissioning and maintenance

As a whole project partner, following installation, Lubron takes care of the complete commissioning process, including training on operation and maintenance. Our industry-leading maintenance service supports operations and enhances the life of your investment. Should you experience any problems, you have the assurance of support day or night from our 24/7 response team.

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