About us
Our approach
Our approach
Technology is simply a means to achieve the ultimate goal of providing the right water for your customers’ applications. We do our utmost to provide the best advice and produce the best results for both you as our partner and your customers, not only now, but also with a view to the future. Our professional service enables you and your customers to work with a trouble-free system.

Advice and support


Our employees are true specialists with in-depth knowledge about what is possible for water treatment and what is not. They will look for the most appropriate solution for every specific situation.

As a consultant, installer or supplier, you gain regular insights into your customers’ processes. With Lubron as your partner for water treatment expertise, you are guaranteed top quality water treatment systems, plus the certainty that you are complying to all laws and regulations. We will tell you the whole truth without making false promises that could only end in disappointment. To arrive at the correct advice, we carry out the following steps:

  • analysis of water and sources of water
  • collecting quality requirements
  • surveying specific wishes


Our specialists are aware of the challenges in specific sectors. We can tell you more about both the technical aspects as well as the commercial advantages of all forms of water treatment. This enables you to come prepared to meetings with your customers in your role as installer, consultant or supplier. If you consider it necessary or desirable, we will accompany you to meet the end user and provide any further explanation required.

Design and assembly


Lubron designs efficient comprehensive solutions taking into account all aspects of water consumption, from quality and energy saving measures to operational costs and maintenance. You receive a tailormade design with a quotation and the technical specifications.

Every system is skillfully assembled in our factory from the best materials: sustainable, highly efficient and easy to maintain, making use of top quality, tried and tested techniques.

Commissioning and maintenance


After the equipment has been installed by the installer, Lubron takes care of the commissioning. We set up the system and finetune it on the basis of testing to deliver the correct water quality. We provide every system with a clear manual and instructions for use and maintenance.

Regular maintenance

Our service does not end with the commissioning. With a view to efficient operation of the water treatment systems and to increase durability, we always advise a maintenance contract. During servicing, we inspect the system thoroughly and adjust it if necessary.